General information - Wi-Fi

What is Wi-Fi®?
Wi-Fi is a type of wireless communication that allows devices to connect to a local network. Once connected, network resources (such as Internet access) are available to connected devices. This allows you to save on data consumption and in improving your phone's performance.
What are the benefits of Wi-Fi?
The biggest benefit is your smartphone's ability to turn off its mobile data connection and use Wi-Fi instead. When using Wi-Fi, your Internet services are provided by the local network, not your carrier's data network. You save on data consumption. For optimal savings, connect to Wi-Fi before using these data-hungry features:
  • Streaming music and video
  • Downloading or uploading large files, especially pictures, songs or videos
  • Updating your Apps
How do I connect to Wi-Fi?
In your phone's Settings menu, go to your Network connections and select Wi-Fi. Make sure it is ON. A list of available Wi-Fi networks will populate on the screen. Select the network to which you would like to connect. If prompted, enter the Wi-Fi network's password. Then select "Connect." Once connected, your phone will remember the network and password, and can be set to automatically connect to it whenever you are within range.
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