International Long Distance - Unlimited International

What are the Telcel Unlimited Plans?
Telcel's Unlimited International plans offer unlimited nationwide calls and texts, a fixed amount of high speed data, plus international calls to landlines in Mexico and other included destinations. The Extended Nation plans offer unlimited calls to mobile phones in Mexico, Canada, China and India, and to more than 1,000 landline destinations. Roaming in Mexico is available only with the Extended Nation plans. For more details about Telcel's plans, follow this link https://www.us.telcel.com/secure/ServicePlans,/a>.
What do I need to do to buy a Telcel Unlimited Plan?
To buy a Telcel Unlimited Plan, go to www.us.telcel.com/Refill, sign in to your account, select the Telcel Unlimited Plan, and pay with a credit card or a debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo.
Will I run out of data with the Unlimited Telcel Plan?
No. Telcel's Unlimited Plan offers you a specific amount of high speed data, besides unlimited calls and texts with any of our plans that include data.
How do I make International calls from the US?
Just dial 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number. If you experience issues dialing directly, just call 1-786-233-6502 followed by the international number ,or download our app available for Android and iPhone.
How do I make International calls when roaming in Mexico?
To call landlines in Mexico, dial (+)52 - city code - phone number. To call cell phones in Mexico, dial (+)52 - 1 - city code - phone number. To dial other International destinations, call 001- 415-655-0992 followed 011 ? country code ? city code ? phone number.
What is Extended Nation?
It is a feature included in all International Plans that allow roaming in Mexico, at no extra cost, with the same benefits that the plan has in the US.
In which countries can I use International Roaming?
International Roaming is only available in Mexico as long as the phone is currently enrolled in an International Long Distance Plan.
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